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A showreel, or (actor’s) reel is more important to an actor than a business card. More or less, it IS a business card. So every actor has to make sure, that his (or her) best material is on it – and that it’s in the right order.

So after coming back to Austria, I’ve collected some footage to make a new one. More about the process and some videos down below 🙂

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Suraya Santos is a talented model and actress who was down in Cape Town a few weeks ago. While she was here, she was kind enough to let me take a few pictures of her on Clifton 4th Beach. If you want to see more of her, check out her Instagram profile here, or IMDB page here.

This particular shoot drew inspiration from a photo suggested by Suraya (the first photo in the album above). I love this photo because the model is wearing denim on the beach – which is out of place, and yet, not so out of place that it seems strange. I also love the country-style straw hat she’s holding onto, and the vulnerable expression she has on her face, as a wave rolls past her. Fortunately, Suraya had some spare denim lying around and a straw hat stowed away in a cupboard somewhere.

On a Sunday evening, close to sunset, we gathered in the parking lot above the beach to do make-up. Here, Michaela did a great job of recreating the wet-look from the “girl-in-denim” image we looked at earlier (you can check out more of Michaela’s work here). Soon after, we headed down to do some shooting.

Despite there being more people on the beach than planned, the shoot went smoothly. Still, I won’t forget the moment an older gentleman sidled past and attempted to take photos of a topless Suraya – It’s at this point that I would suggest to my future self that nude shots be done exclusively in private areas. I also won’t forget getting caught out on the rocks taking photos as the tide came. Luckily, Neil was there to help as the next set of waves came crashing down. You can check out some of Neil’s photos here.

In the end, I’d rate this a successful shoot and I’m grateful to everyone who helped out!


I recently headed out to Los Angeles to brush up on my cinematography and filmmaking skills and… I couldn’t help but snap some photos while I was there!

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